Parent of Teenage Son:

Much to my amazement, and surprise, not that I doubted your teachings, I received the below email from my son’s teacher. This email came six (6) days after an immediate cessation of violent TV, violent Internet games, and video games in general. Also, I implemented a taper off period of hours of viewing for even “OK” TV programming.

I have noticed a significant change in your son last week and want to share that information with you. He seems more alert, interested, and is more responsive to his surroundings both in and out of class. He engages in the lessons, participates, sits up, seems eager to learn and actively takes notes. It appears to me that he has more energy and is more lively. In my opinion, he is a different kid, in a good way!!!!!!! I mentioned my observations to him and he seemed somewhat embarrassed. I told him I was pleased with what I seeing. I asked him if something had changed lately that could be responsible for this significant improvement. He indicated that it had to do with spending less time on his video games. Regardless of what has caused this change it is significant in a very good way.